Amalia Moerman Pavlidi

Homeopathy, Bach remedies,Laser Therapy


My name is Amalia Moerman Pavlidi and I am a Homeopath. I have studied Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Master of Bach Remedies,  Bach Therapies for Animals, Veterinary Nutrition, Veterinary Naturopathy and I am specialized in cold laser and red light laser therapy (LLLT/Photobiomodulation) in animals and humans. 


I work holistically with humans and animals.

The idea is to discover the unique way in which the patient deals with a complaint at all levels. This personalized image is the most important guide for me. Attention is paid to the symptoms and information is sought about the lifestyle and psychology of the organism.

We can work together on any health or behavioral problem, as far as concerns the emotions. The purpose of treatments is not only treatment but well-being, good quality of life and of course prevention. I teach professionals worldwide Alternative therapies for animals, body and mind exercises.

I am an Official Member of CAT Collectief with registration number 63662021-10-14

I am a qualified executive member of the International Association of Holistic Medicine with registration number IPHMNM5271


Member at the Royal Association of Homeopaths of the Netherlands.


Official member of the World Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy WALT.

Why holistic therapy?

Takes under consideration the whole animal or person. Does not see the symptoms as something separate from the organism. Nor does see the symptoms as something that needs to be eliminated or suppressed. Instead, the symptoms are a roadmap for the underlying cause of the illness.

It can help with

Chronic Diseases
Skin diseases
Neurological diseases
Common infections
Pathological Problems
Serious diseases
Heart problems
Respiratory problems
Pain in the body
Myosceletical problems
Prevention and well-being
Mental and physical health
Immune Strengthening
Behavior issues 
Weight problems
Digestive Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Panic attacks

Mental Disorders
Intense stress